Monday, November 7, 2011

A Night with Lindsey Buckingham - 11/5/2011

Teenage dreams do come true.  And this one was a doozie.

I raved enough about Lindsey in my previous post (after I got the ticket to the concert) so I’ll get right into the swooning about the concert.

I’d made friends (no, not in the rock star groupie kind of way – perverts) with one of the security guards at the Seneca Allegany Casino during the Rick Springfield concert about a month ago.  He shuffled me and my friend Corine (who alerted me to the fact that Lindsey was also coming in concert, THANK YOU!!) up to the very front row during the RS concert because Rick had informed security to allow whoever wanted to be at the front of the stage.  The more the merrier. 

After that concert I asked our security guard if he would be working for the Lindsey Buckingham concert.  He said yes so I asked if I would be able to stand at the very front for that show too.  He said it depended on what Lindsey wanted.  Security does what the artists request.  He told me to find him before the Lindsey show and he’d let me know the situation.


So, I did.  Much to my delight, he told me Lindsey said let as many people forward as possible.  He said I didn't even have to wait until the show started - I could go stand wherever I wanted right now.  The venue was still nearly empty – the front completely wide open.  It seemed too good to be true so I asked him again.  “I can really go stand right in front right now?”  He laughed and said yep. 

So I did.  Dead center - directly in front of Lindsey’s mic stand. OMG.

I snapped this picture as I waited, eagerly anticipating the moment Lindsey finally walked out on stage:

Security guy (I am ashamed to say I forget his name…too much excitement) told me that cameras were allowed but Lindsey requested no flash.  Not a problem.  I turned the flash off on my camera phone. 

I met a family from Scotland.   I got a kick out of their accents.  Scottish and Irish accents are just the coolest.  Nice people.  We chatted for awhile and shared stories about how we came to know Lindsey. Their daughter was my age-ish and was as in awe of Lindsey as I am.  The excitement and anticipation was almost too much for us both. We exchanged email addresses so we could email each other concert pics.  

Then it was time:  Quietly and unassumingly – Lindsey appeared from backstage with one of his many signature guitars in tow.  

I’ve seen Fleetwood Mac several times in concert but I’ve never been to a Lindsey solo performance.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  However, as soon as I spotted him I was too busy silently freaking out about how close he actually was to me to really think about anything else.  I could (and eventually did...quite a bit) reach out and touch him. O.M.G.

He started the show solo – just him and his guitar, no band.  If I thought I was in awe of him before this show I’m not sure how to describe how I felt watching him live.  The man is a guitar god.  He is exactly as brilliant as I thought.  How he plays these songs - the fingers on both of his hands moving frantically at lightning speed, while he's simultaneously singing…I have no idea.  My fingers don't even move that fast let alone with that much freakin' coordination.  Geez.

As soon as his band came out it was all over.  Lindsey barely stopped moving the remainder of the night.  This was fine with me because often he chose to move and stand and play and jump and sweat directly in front of me, and was gracious enough to allow me to pet him several times.  Yes, I petted him and I’m not even ashamed.  So did my new Scottish friend next to me.  And Lindsey loved it. I know this because he kept coming back for more. :)

I tested the touching waters at first by just touching his boot. However, Scottish girl (yes, I forgot her name too…sigh) went for broke and immediately grabbed his leg.  He smiled and laughed.  So, I grabbed away.  I did not grab any place inappropriate but I can tell you that he has very fit calves and thighs.   My mom will read this so that’s all the commentary I will offer up regarding the touching.

One of my all-time favorite songs is “Go Your Own Way”.  Lindsey wrote it and gave it to Fleetwood Mac for their "Rumours" album in 1977 (which is still the second best selling record of all time – behind only Michael Jackson’s Thriller.).  He has a this guitar solo at the end that is amazing.  I love it.  Much to my (extreme) delight Lindsey played part of that solo right in front of me and at one point leaned in far enough to allow us grabby grabs to strum his guitar.  So cool.

Look, I even have video!  I am the non red-nailed hand on the right in the video…

Oh screw it.  I will talk about the touching.  Sorry mom. :-/  

As I said, after the initial hand to boot to leg contact he came back for more.  It was during the end of the song "Tusk".  He finished the song in true dramatic rock star fashion and bent over us in exhaustion. (I suspect he was not as exhausted as he feigned.  He wanted to be touched by his adoring fans, as any nice rockstar god will…) His hand was hanging right there in front of me.  I reached for it.  And he grabbed it.  He squeezed it and smiled at me and sweated on me.  Yay! 

Then he grabbed a  towel from the girl next to me and wiped his face and chest and handed it back to her. OMG.  It’s a good thing we made friends before the show or I may have tackled her for it:

What else?  I don’t know.  It’s all such an amazing blur.  I put my camera away for awhile because I just wanted to enjoy the show.  It reappeared several times though and several more times Lindsey graced me with his presence directly in front of me. 

And yeah, I touched him each time.  So what?

Other video from the concert:

“Go Insane”

“Seeds We Sow”

“Go Your Own Way” (the whole thing, not just the grabby grab part.  Forgive the shakiness.  I was a bit excited):

Pictures from the evening:

And at the end of the night I even got one of his picks :)


  1. So cool Kristen!! I think you were right to not miss this concert!!!

  2. Thanks!! I think I definitely agree!! It was sooo awesome! Only one thing compared and you so know what that is! :)