Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Seminar" on Broadway!

Somehow, before this past weekend, I had gone 32+ years without seeing a Broadway production.  I found out in January that Alan Rickman was doing a play on Broadway.  There was no way in hell I could pass up the opportunity to see that man live on stage.  So, off we went.

For those who don't know who he is (I will forgive you this one time - only this one time), Alan is the English actor with that slow, deep British accent who played, amongst many other characters, Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies, Hans Gruber - the bad guy from 'Die Hard' and Colonel Brandon in 'Sense and Sensibility'... I watched him as that Russian mystic/monk Grigori Rasputin just last night and holy moly...he's so good

To make what could be a very long story short,  seeing him live on stage was one of the greatest experiences of my life. No, seriously.  I don't care if that sound hokey.  He is an acting genius and charismatic as hell.  I didn't think it could get much better than sitting in the cozy little theater so close to him watching him perform.  I was wrong.  When he appeared outside the theater after the play to greet us and sign autographs...well, I just became a total fangirl.  I admit it. And, for me being a fangirl entails becoming mute and blushing and/or giggling a lot.

He's just so damned charismatic!  That voice, the eyes.  He took his time with everyone one of us out there and spoke directly to anyone who talked to him (I managed to stammer out "hi" and "thank you", I think). He is completely composed, well-refined and soft spoken.  Totally British and yummy.  I even got the sense that he is a bit shy.  He could be an loud, arrogant prick for as talented as he is but he isn't.  He was completely gracious.  Very cool.

He signed our playbills and stood patiently while we assaulted his eyeballs with our camera flashes. He thanked each and every one of us for coming as he signed.  We went Friday and Saturday night and met him both times and he was as equally friendly both nights.  Class act, that one.  

Also, in the 'slightly less fangirly but still pretty cool' department, Hamish Linklater and Jerry O'Connell co-starred in the play.  Hamish is adorable and a brilliant actor.  He went toe to toe (literally, at times) on stage with Rickman and killed it.  I was so impressed by him.  Plus, as I mentioned, he's adorable. And then of course there is Jerry.  'Stand By Me' is one of my favorite movies of all time. Meeting chubby little Vern, all grown up and gorgeous now, was pretty awesome. 

Anyhow, enjoy the pics and video.  I definitely enjoyed getting them :D

View from our room at the Hilton in Times Square.
Hamish Linklater. He was brilliant in the play.
VERN!!  Jerry O'Connell signing my playbill.
Alan greeting us after the play Friday night.

Saturday Night.

Professor Snape, Hans Gruber, Colonel Brandon, Rasputin. Alan Freakin' Rickman. RIGHT. THERE. OMG.  Sidebar- he's tall.  I'm 5'9 and was wearing heels in this pic.  He's got to be close to 6'2.  Nice.

That was not my camera flash assaulting him. 

Alan greeting some very excited little Harry Potter/Snape fans :)  The little boy asked for a high five and Alan didn't hesitate to oblige.  So cute.

With Jerry. Rebecca Romijn who??

Here he comes, here he comes, here he comes...
This poor girl was shaking.  Literally shaking she was so excited.

Times Square from 42nd and 8th Ave.


  1. I still think we should go back. I need one more fix......