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An Intimate Evening with Lindsey Buckingham

An Intimate Evening with Lindsey Buckingham - Ithaca State Theater June 8, 2012

Much to my delight, Lindsey Buckingham added a last minute show to his acoustic solo tour - in Ithaca, New York.  At roughly three hours away, Ithaca isn't exactly close (especially when you have to be up at 4:15am for work the next morning) but…a three hour drive = practically right across the street when it comes to Mr. Buckingham. In case we've forgotten: I heart him.  Also, to refresh, when I attended his concert last November, this happened:

He was so close I nearly got smacked by his...hand.  His guitar, arms, legs, sweat, and even his crotch (sorry Mom) were all right there within reach. (No, I didn't touch it.) There wasn't any way I wasn't going to this show to experience it all again. 
Btw, if you are reading this and wondering: "Who is Lindsey Buckingham?" we can't be friends.
As soon as the doors opened, I found the security guard closest to my seat and made friends.  He said we would probably be asked to stay in our seats. Pfft. Good luck with that. 
Just like last time, Lindsey appeared from back stage without fanfare. He strolled out to his waiting guitar, hands pressed together to show his gratitude for the screams and applause. He allowed the adoration for only a few moments before beginning his first tune, a beautiful song called "Castaway Dreams" from his 2006 solo album, Under The Skin. This is a solo tour - just a man and his guitar. His set was a great mix of his solo work and fan favorites from Fleetwood Mac, including blistering renditions of Go Your Own Way and I'm So Afraid. 
A highlight for me was his acoustic song, Stephanie, written in the early 70s and named for then-girlfriend, Stevie Nicks (Stevie's first name is Stephanie) before they joined Fleetwood Mac. I wish those kids would get back together already!
Given Lindsey's talent, vocally and musically - seriously, he is a beast on guitar - he could be (and is, if you ask Stevie Nicks, depending on the day) a ragingly arrogant, pretentious asshole.  Perhaps he was in earlier years. If anyone deserves to be that, it's Lindsey.  He not only wrote, played guitar and sang on the albums that shot the Buckingham/Nicks incarnation of Fleetwood Mac into super stardom, he also acted as producer for those albums. He is the true musical genius behind that incarnation of the band.
My rambling point is this: he doesn't seem so arrogant anymore.  He’s confident, to be sure. He knows how good he is, but these days, each time he finishes one of his scorching solos, he removes his guitar and presses those beautiful hands to his chest over his heart.  He is appreciative. He is well aware of what made him a star but thankful for the opportunity to demonstrate what he is capable of without Fleetwood Mac.
Or, he's just become a great actor over the years. I honestly don't care.  He's Lindsey Buckingham, for crying out loud.  I love him.

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Lindsey's Set List

Oh! And, he handed me his sweat towel at the end of the night! Some say this is gross but I say this is awesome.

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