Monday, April 29, 2013

Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) Meet & Greet Experience.

For those of you who don't already know I am an huge (HUGE) fan of the band Fleetwood Mac. It started for me in 1997 when they reunited for The Dance album/tour and my love for them has only grown over the years.  I could go on and on (and on and on) about why I love them so much and the history of the band but nobody has that kind of time.  Quite simply put they are magic to me. This past Friday night I had the opportunity to meet their drummer, and half of the band's namesake, Mick Fleetwood.  
Now, my very true love in the band is their guitarist/singer/song writer/producer/all around genius, Lindsey Buckingham. (If you just now asked yourself "Lindsey Buckingham? Who is she?" please stop reading and go away from me.) That said, the chance to meet Mick had me jumping out of my skin with excitement. He is a kick-ass drummer and rumour has it that Animal from The Muppets was created in Mick's likeness. Plus, he is the man who invited Lindsey Buckingham into the band in 1974 and for that I will be eternally grateful.
See how much I can just ramble about these people? On to the actual meet & greet...
The VIP host for the evening (I can't remember his name for the life of me) was very polite and very cool.  I was a nervous wreck with the whole will call situation, worried all day that they wouldn't have my name or something else would get screwed up, but as soon as I walked into the arena and gave my name to will call the VIP host was there and found my name on his list and handed me the VIP pass.  Yay!
Shortly after I got my pass Fleetwood Mac came out for their sound check and Second Hand News came rumbling through the walls of the lobby. Seriously, the floor and walls were shaking from John's bass, Mick's drums and Lindsey's guitar. Lindsey's voice sounded top notch even through the concrete and steel of the walls. The videos of on YouTube do so very little justice to how amazing they sound live. Seriously.
The moment FM started sound checking was when everyone in the VIP group started to become friends simply because we all began to fan-girl and fan-boy. Phones came out in an instant. I asked if everyone else was tweeting the moment too and there were chuckles and nods all around except for those who don't tweet but they said they were texting or on Facebook.
At exactly 5:30 the VIP host came back and went over a few ground rules, the two biggest of which were absolutely no cell phones or cameras out once we were inside the arena and no touching the equipment on stage. These offenses were punishable by being tossed out of the meet & greet. Fair enough. Soon after this he paused and then spoke into his wrist like the secret service, after which he announced that Mick was ready for us. Yay!!
He led us into the empty arena and we ooh'd and ahh'd at the sight of it. It's a very cool experience to be the only ones in an arena that is set up for a concert, especially when the band is Fleetwood Mac and you're a uber-fan.  The backdrop of the stage said "Fleetwood Mac" in the Rumours-era print.  He set us up in the first three rows of the floor seats and said Mick would be out in a moment.
Then he appeared. I looked up and saw him walking toward us and I whacked the guy next to me in the arm several times and said "there he is, there he IS!"  It's a good thing we'd all become friends by that time or that could have been awkward.
Mick was dressed in a long kick ass red and black (and maybe green, too??) checkered suit coat and red vest and black jeans. I knew he was tall but the sight of him in person was actually awe-inspiring. My mouth dropped open. I'm five foot nine and wore four inch heels and I still felt tiny next to him. He is also very much more youthful looking in person than he appears to be on the VIP pass, on which he looks like a cross between Gandalf and Dumbledore, which is very cool and very "Mick" but he is much more youthful and spry in person.
Mick invited us up on stage and as we gathered around him where he stood in front of Stevie's mic he took care to caution those of us close to the edge to not fall off. He talked to us for about 10 minutes at this point. He told us that the crew they have now is, for the most part, the same crew they've had for decades. He said it is essential that the crew members he able to read their every facial expression and their body language and be able to know straight away what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. He likened it to that friend you had in school who you just knew if you looked at them during class you would burst out laughing. He also said that the members in the band do truly love each other and how lovely it was after all these years and all the shit they've gone through together that he can say that and really mean it. 
He talked about some other things up there but I honestly can't remember much else. I was too excited for picture time, which did not disappoint. We lined up for pics and everybody was very cool and nobody was a jerk about it. We got two pictures each. If a group got their photo together with Mick and then each wanted separate photos with him that was no problem at all.  I chatted with my new friends about whether or not they thought we were allowed to hug him. I hoped I wouldn't throw up on him from nerves but mused it would be a great way to be unforgettable. We decided that as long as we asked and he said yes that hugging was acceptable.  When it was my turn I asked if I could hug him and he said yes, quite graciously, and leaned over and gave me the greatest hug, ever. It wasn't just a "oh yay, another fan hug" kind of hug. It was a two-armed cuddly hug that lasted (at least it seemed that way) for several seconds. And he kissed my cheek. Yay!  After this I got my two pics with him and thanked him and was on my way off the stage and back to the floor seats for the question/answer session. Oh, also - Mick smells amazing. Whatever aftershave or cologne he wears works-very nice. I think I also told him I loved his suit. I might have said "kick ass" but I can't remember now.  I could kiss the photographer for snapping a shot of the hug!

C'mere, big guy!
Eyes closed, but oh well, cause I MET MICK FLEETWOOD.

Once we were back in our seats, the VIP guy started gathering the memorabilia we wanted Mick to sign.  Items ranged from tshirts to posters to albums. I didn't want to worry about lugging anything extra around for the concert so I had him sign the VIP pass, as did a lot of other people. It came on a lanyard and I put it around my neck and didn't have to worry about where it was the rest of the night. 

Autographed VIP pass.

Mick signed while he answered questions but he wasn't distracted in the slightest and he answered each question very thoroughly.  In fact, he went above and beyond with his answers, often going off on tangents, which was perfectly acceptable to us all. In direct contrast to his outlandish and wild stage presence, he is a very elegant and extremely well-spoken man.
The first question was about Christine, as I suspected it would be. The question was if Christine was considering coming out of retirement, what with rumours that she will join them on stage in London, and Mick's answer was a resounding no.  Yes, she will join them on stage for a least a few songs during one of the shows in London, but she isn't at all interested in touring anymore. He DID say she might be thinking of creating again, though--writing again, maybe. He didn't say whether she would ever record anything again though, only that she might be feeling creative again.
The next question was about a concert or festival FM played in 1977 in Hawaii. I'd never heard about it before but I guess the rumour is out there that Mick recently found the footage of this and the guy wondered if Mick was considering releasing that on DVD. Mick looked up, mid-signature on a VIP pass, with an extreme blank expression on his face, and said he wasn't quite sure what the guy was talking about. The guy said something like: "You KNOW, the concert in Hawaii, in 1977!" and Mick smirked and said quite politely: "No, I don't know. 1977 is mostly a blur…" Haha.  Then he said he thought he knew what the man was talking about - Mick has recently found footage from, I think he said the Rumours tour, and one of these days he needed to convince his band mates that it was a good idea to release the footage on DVD. I certainly concur.
Another question was about the instrumental music that plays in the arena before the shows and that there is great interest in it out and about the Internet. Mick said he was almost certain it was Lindsey's music and I listened before our show started and it was definitely Lindsey.  I'm pretty sure it's all instrumentals from his solo projects.
The next question was if it was possible to buy Mick's wine and have it shipped to our homes.  This was the first time I'd heard about Mick having his own line of wine, which is very cool.  Unfortunately, the answer was no.  Mick said the many and varying laws about shipping alcohol over state lines is a pain in the ass and that's the main reason why it isn't available for purchase online.
I can't remember what question was asked when he said this, but at one point someone asked Mick to name his most memorable moment over all the years. He said there are so many that it's impossible to pick just one but he relayed the story about the first huge gig FM ever played with Lindsey and Stevie, I think it was the US Festival, Apparently, the band got paid an disgustingly outrageous amount of money to play the festival, and every 20 minutes or so while they played John would wander over to Mick's kit and whisper to him, which is something John had never done before, and it would be a number, like "20 thousand" and Mick couldn't figure out what he meant. After the show John told him: "You idiot, I was telling you how much money we were making for that time period." Haha. Mick says that John is extremely good with his money and said he often tells John that he, Mick, will someday end up as John's chauffeur because he is so terrible with money.  He said John most likely still has the first penny he ever earned.
One guy asked where Mick goes when he is playing, with all the goofy looks and expressions he makes on stage.  Mick got somewhat (and adorably) bashful while answering this one. His answer was that he really isn't aware of what his face is doing while he is playing and if he tries to be conscious of what the rest of his body does as he plays he "utterly fucks up" the playing. Ha.  He shared a story from shortly after Lindsey and Stevie joined the band, Lindsey pointed out a part of a song off one of the pre-L&S FM albums and asked Mick how he did that drum part and Mick told him he had no idea. He's that unaware while he's playing of what he's doing he couldn't simply recreate what he's played in the past. He said he could recreate it in his own way but it wouldn't be exactly the same. I thought that was very interesting.
I can't remember if this was in response to a question, but at one point he says that he still gets very nervous before every show and that in the past he'd deal with the nerves with "an enormous amount of alcohol" but he doesn't do that anymore. He said Stevie still gets nervous before every show too but that Lindsey is as cool as a cucumber: "Cool. As. A. Cucumber, that one."
Another question/statement was in regards to how exhausting it must be to play drums like he does.  Mick says there are many drummers who don't play as physically as he does and he thought it was an English-style way of playing. He says it is certainly essential to stay in shape to be able to do it. He also told us that he needs to be warm when he's playing or he is uncomfortable and because arenas are notoriously cold he has heaters surrounding his kit.  He pointed them out. I assumed were just a part of his kit, but they are in fact heaters. He says they are on full blast during the shows and he doesn't understand how some drummers can play bare chested. I would have thought the opposite would be true, that playing in a cool environment would be optimum but Mick says he prefers to be warm. He also said here that he though John Bonham from Led Zepplin was the best drummer of all time.
I know there were more questions but that's all I can remember right now. Over all Mick spent about 30-35 minutes with us and stayed well past when his assistant told him it was time to go and get ready for the show. It was an amazing experience!


  1. I was so beyond thrilled to see this post. I am meeting him a week from today and it's so perfect because it is also Stevie's birthday. And this is the first show I am seeing by myself (I'm just 17) and I just love him and the four of them more than anything else and I am so excited and so scared because I have never done anything like this meet and greet before. And to hear about how generous and kind Mick was makes me feel so good, even though I never would have expected anything else from him. So thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am so happy you had such a brilliant time. And I was timid about asking for a hug but I am going for it now, so thank you!

    *also, did you happen to notice anyone give him a letter or anything of that nature? I have been wanting to but don't want to cause a problem.

    Much, much, much love!

  2. And I wish Christine was still there but I am just so excited to see Stevie. She is my world so this experience will be the biggest blessing.

  3. Parker, you will have such a wonderful time! It was my first experience meeting anyone from the band as well. I was completely nervous! It's quiet easy to strike up a conversation with others in the VIP group and that helps. Mick is awesome though. So welcoming and kind. I can't remember anyone giving him anything in my group but I'm sure if you asked him if you could give him something he would take it. I can't guarantee he would actually read it if you gave it to him but something tells me he might. The VIP host goes over all the rules before he takes you into the arena and then asks if there are any questions. You could ask him then if you're allowed to give anything to Mick. Even if he says no you can still ask Mick when you get to him for your picture! He stayed with us long after his assistant told him it was time to leave and get ready for the show so even if anyone tells you no you can always at least ask Mick himself.

    I wish Christine was still with them, too! I love her voice and her songs. However, being a massive fan of Lindsey I think her absence allows him to do more and be more himself on stage, and I love that.

    I'm so excited for you! I was 17 when I fell in love with them, when they reunited for The Dance. I know exactly how you're feeling! If I'd gotten the chance to meet any of them back then I'd be seriously freaking out! Check back with me and let me know how it went. I'll be at The Hollywood Bowl on May 25. Is your show Las Vegas? Anaheim?

  4. I'm the Las Vegas show :) I am spending this week trying to remember how to breathe! haha

    & I am definitely just gonna go for it and ask Mick himself, I figure the worst he'll say is "I can't take that" and honestly, that would be no problem at all!

    Now did your host mention that he would be signing things? Because though I don't want to assume that will be the same with mine I figure it won't hurt to have something small on me for him to sign.

    Also! (And I apologize for all the questions, I just have no else who has been to his VIP experience) How many approx. would you say were there? My dad told me it would probably be around 50, so I wanted to see if that was right. :)

    Mainly I'm just glad I read your story so now I have the courage to ask for a hug! :) haha

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  6. Parker, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was in LA for the show on the 25th and didn't have much time to check my email for comments. How did Vegas go?? Did you ask for a hug? Did Mick take your letter? Let me know how it was! :)

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  14. What a great post! I saw them in Houston this summer, and certainly, obviously and forever appreciate their music, legacy and love for one another more than ever. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  15. Great post! I stumbled upon this while trying to find info about a meet and greet for their newly announced 2014 tour. So excited! I do have two questions for Kristen or anyone else who has attended a Mick Fleetwood meet and greet...1) how many people were in the group meeting him? and 2) how were you able to get the VIP ticket? ticketmaster? I'm going to try as soon as they go on sale but I know there is such a limited amount so I was wondering if you had any other recommendations. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading! It's a very small, intimate gathering of fans. I didn't count, but I'd say there were 20-30 people in the group. For VIP tickets, go to Mick's official site, It looks like he will be doing VIP again for this tour, though tix aren't on sale yet. They will probably go on sale when regular tickets go on sale next week. If you're a huge fan I highly recommend it! Plus the price of the meet & greet comes with a nearly front row ticket to the show. Worth the money just for that, in my opinion. I'll be doing at least one this tour.

  16. Definitely sounds worth it! I saw them last summer for both Chicago shows and wish I had known about the meet and greet while tickets were still available. It looks like there is a VIP option for the ticketmaster presale that starts Monday, but no details if it's the MF meet and greet or just a ticketmaster promotion. I've been watching Mick's website for the deets so hopefully he posts something before Monday about when tickets are going on sale and the price. I'm just afraid of the meet and greet selling out!

  17. Hey Kristen, I'm meeting Mick on Nov 22nd in Portland, Oregon (VERY excited!) And I was curious as to how the photos were taken? Were they taken digitally then e-mailed to you later? Or were there hard copies given to you right then & there? Thank you so much! Cheers

  18. Hi there! You're going to have a wonderful time! Mick is very personable and takes his time answering questions and signing memorabilia. The pictures work this way: the VIP host takes the photos with his camera. Usually two photos per person and/or group. If you're with a group you can have a group photo and one with yourself and Mick alone. Within a few days the pictures are posted on Mick's official website. You can grab them from there. :) Enjoy your show!

  19. Thanks for posting about this Kristen. I am doing the meet & greet on Friday -- very excited! I appreciate the details you included, as I now know what to expect. We are kindred spirits! Your comments made me laugh and we are very alike!! :)


    1. Hi Traci! You will have such a blast at the meet & greet! Thank you for your kind remarks. It's lovely to meet another kindred spirit. Never break the chain, friend!

  20. Hi Kristen
    I'm so pleased to come across your post here , I 've been looking for any information on the meet and greet packages. Like you, I am such a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan - they are the soundtrack to my life and not a week goes by when I don't get lost in their music.
    I have never been to a meet and greet before , and my husband totally spoilt me for my birthday by buying me a ticket to their Nov concert in Brisbane. I almost hyperventilate when I think that I am actually going to meet Mick, up close , and get a photo with him!! I'm so happy to read about your experience , I know I will be SO nervous and I'm worried I will say something totally ridiculous!
    I have his book 'Play On' , so am hoping he will sign that for me.
    So thrilling that Christine will be with the band , and the whole family back together again.
    I love them all , but Mick is the one for me .. the wild-eyed crazy energy playing those drums , he is just so amazing. Lindsey the guitar and musical genius , Stevie's enchantment and John and Christine with his distinctive bass playing and her velvet voice .... oh my , they leave me breathless!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the info on the meet and greet - it's great to know a little of what's in store!

    1. Ash, I'm so excited for you that you're attending a meet & greet. They're so much fun. It's like getting together with old friends, even though it's likely you've never met any of the people before. Mick is so great. He'll answer any question and talks longer than the designated 15-20 minutes, to the point where his assistant starts getting anxious and starts tapping his watch. Mick is a sight to behold when he first walks out and you finally see him up close and in the flesh in his flashy outfits. He looks tall on stage but you don't realize quite how tall until you're right next to him. You will have an amazing time. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can find me on Facebook: and Twitter and Instagram: @castawaykristen

  21. Hi Kristen. We saw the show the other night and also took part in the Meet & Greet. It was such an experience. The only problem is that we can't find where to get the photos that were taken (jealous big time of your photos ....). I have tried contacting Mick on his Facebook to find out but no luck. Do you remember where/how you got your's?

  22. Phil, for my m&g, the photos were available on Mick's official website within 48 hours after the show: I would assume the same policy would be in effect for this leg of the tour. His website is different from the last time I was on it. I'm taking a look now and see if I can find the spot where the photos were. Stay tuned!