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Review: Fleetwood Mac, Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh 4/26/13

Disclaimer: I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. I could ramble on and on and attempt to explain why I love them so much, but quite simply put: Fleetwood Mac is magic to me. I can't imagine a scenario in which I’d say that anything they do is anything less than amazing. 

Ready for the show!

Meet & Greet pass holders were allowed to enter the arena for the show before doors officially opened. Much to my delight, security was friendly and accommodating and informed us that we would be allowed to stand right at the stage once the lights went down. I eyed up a spot slightly off center and to the right as I've learned from previous experiences that this is the spot where Lindsey Buckingham likes to drift during his many guitar solos.  I've had the opportunity to pet him invade his personal space physically interact with him from that spot during his solo tours. My goal for that evening was more of that. 
Much more of that, please.
Soon enough, the crickets sounded and soon after the lights went down. The screams began, the loudest of which seemed to be coming from my vocal chords. Through the darkness, bodies emerged from backstage. I spotted Mick first as he climbed onto his drum kit. He thrust his hands over his head and shouted something unintelligible and (probably) barbaric, in true Mick Fleetwood fashion.
And then he appeared. As if from rock heaven: Lindsey Buckingham.

    I shouted something intelligent at him. Something like, "OMG LINDSEY WOO HOO" as he stepped to his mic and queued up the band (and my loins) with: "1…2…1…2…3…4…"  The stage lights came up and there they were, all of them, merely feet away: Fleetwood Mac, my Fleetwood Mac, and for the next 150 minutes my soul was truly content.
They launched into Second Hand News with Lindsey singing lead, his fingers flying like magic over the strings of his guitar. You see, Lindsey doesn't use a guitar pick but instead uses his fingers to simultaneously finger prick two and sometimes three melodies as well as a bass line. If I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes on more than one occasion I would say it was impossible that this was only one man, with one guitar, making such beautiful noise. That he does it all while singing and hitting each lyric in perfect key is just…amazing.  
Plus, he's so dreamy.

The end of Second Hand News melded into the beginning of The Chain when Mick began to "thump thump thump" on his bass drum.  From here much of the night is a blur of Lindsey's mad man antics - the man literally hopped, skipped and jumped around the entire stage for most of the evening. He also does this really sexy jungle cat creep, from the back of the stage to his mic at the beginning of Tusk and I'm So Afraid. 
The only time he slowed down all night was during Stevie's songs.  In fact, during Sara and Sisters of the Moon he appeared almost uncomfortable standing all but still and simply strum his guitar, but like a gentleman, he stepped back and let Stevie shine.  During Stevie's solo song, Stand Back, he mouthed the words to the song and during the chorus pointed at the audience and demanded we "stand back!" and then smiled. Adorable.  
Also, there was eye sex. Lots and lots of eye sex. I just knew during those brief moments of eye contact that it was only him and me in that arena and nobody else mattered to him but me. He's that good. Or I'm that delusional. 50/50 split, I'd say. Maybe 60/40. 
Exhibit's 1, 2, 3 & 4 of said eye sex:

During the solo for Eyes of the World, Lindsey stood right in front of me and inched his leg forward toward my outstretched hand like the beautiful tease he is. Our appendages connected. I caressed his knee, calf and boot until he’d had enough of me and walked back to his mic and I'm not ashamed even a little bit. Sorry, mom.
Song highlights for me included...all of them.  But if I had to pick my absolute favorites they were, in no particular order, Second Hand News, Tusk, Not That Funny, World Turning, Go Your Own Way, Sad Angel, Without You, Big Love, Never Going Back Again, I'm So Afraid, Sisters of the Moon, Gold Dust Woman and Say Goodbye.
Below are some videos I took but please be aware that the sound sucks because I was right in front of a speaker and my phone speakers couldn't handle the intensity.  These videos do no justice to what they sounded like in the arena. 

The Chain: (John McVie is my hero)


Sisters of the Moon: (EYE SEX!!)

Big Love:

I'm So Afraid:

Go Your Own Way:
Sad Angel: 

 Never Going Back Again:

During Sara, Stevie drifted over to Lindsey's mic to sing the final verse of the song, with Lindsey playing guitar right behind her, and I finally caught an up close glimpse of the Gold Dust Woman.  She's beautiful.  I don't mean just 'she's beautiful for her age' beautiful. She's simply beautiful, and, for such a tiny woman, she has a huge presence on stage. For the few moments she was right in front of me I was in awe. I almost felt bad for sticking only to Lindsey's side the entire evening.  Almost.  Also, from this close, the energy and chemistry that flows between Stevie and Lindsey was extremely palpable.  

These two know exactly how to stir the crowd into frenzy over their 40+ years long relationship, the romantic part of which ended over 35 years ago. However, soul mates they are, if only musically, because no other two voices on the planet meld together like Lindsey and Stevie's.  Also, they met and fell in love with each other as teenagers in high school, long before they were famous.
The Mac is back and from the sounds of things they aren't going anywhere any time soon.  I've seen every tour from The Dance in 1997 on and I don't think they've ever  sounded better.  Christine McVie's presence, and her songs, are the only things that could have possibly made the night any better.  We miss you, Christine!
Never Break The Chain, guys. 

All my photos from Pittsburgh can be seen via my Facebook Page.


PS: Thanks to other cameras in the arena, my arm and hand and back of my head are now documented for posterity in the same photo with Lindsey.

Photo by Matt Freed / Post-Gazette. Black bracelet, dark nail polish - that's me. To the left is my new friend Michelle's arm, and that's Tim's to her left.
Screencap from Clubdoc's videos on YouTube, Go Your Own Way. That's me right in front of Lindsey with my hand stuck highest in the air about to strum his guitar. Yep, I'm THAT girl.
Group strum!


  1. Great review Kristen & great pictures! Your seats must have been awesome. We drove in from Buffalo to see the show. We were in Section 103 and I was happy with that because the week before we say them in Toronto and we were way up in the nose bleed seats!

  2. Mary Beth, me and my mom drove in from Buffalo too! I stood front row just to the right of Lindsey. Perfect spot for a Lindsey lover like me! You saw them in Toronto, too? Awesome! I'm seeing them again in Los Angeles and then Cleveland. Can't wait!

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